Salon Lead

Say hello to Paige, the vivacious salon leader whose hairstyling journey began when she was a starstruck dreamer at Bellus Academy in sunny San Diego. She stumbled upon the magical world of cosmetology and instantly fell in love with hairstyling. With unstoppable drive and unwavering enthusiasm, Paige is on her way to obtaining her license and conquering the beauty world.

As a true hair enthusiast, Paige’s heart swells with joy witnessing heartwarming transformations in her guests. Her exemplary customer service skills and a keen eye for makeovers create unforgettable experiences for everyone who steps into the salon. Her true passion lies in forming meaningful connections with clients, ensuring they leave not only with stunning hair but also unforgettable memories. From vibrant color transformations to embracing funky fashion hues, her playful spirit brings out the unique beauty in each individual.

Beyond the salon, Paige’s zest for life is out of this world! She indulges in her love for Astronomy, explores the mysteries of the universe, and enjoys thrilling horror movie nights and adventurous hikes. With a supportive nature, she fosters a nurturing workplace where everyone feels empowered and valued. Paige’s kindhearted nature and infectious passion inspire everyone in the enchanting beauty world. Get ready to be dazzled by Paige’s magic as she transforms hair and lives with irresistible charm!