Cut & Style – $64

Barber Cut – $54

Roots – $84

Color – $104

Partial Dimension – $114

Full Dimension – $124

Luxury Dimension – $144

Celebrity Dimension – $208

Kaiti Schoenheit, an Oregon native, knew she loved to see the immediate results of her work. This realization came to her one day while she was shoveling snow on a driveway during the 2008 snow storm. She saw her progress, ran inside and told her mom why she loved to do hair! Kaiti completed her secondary education, and then realized she would be happier doing hair and feeling the satisfaction from the transformation she could see with her guests.

Kaiti attended Aveda Institute and then completed the Associate program here at Annastasia’s under the eye of our experienced stylist, Toni. Kaiti enjoys working with all kinds of hair. Her favorite part of her job is meeting with guests who are feeling discouraged or unhappy with their hair and she gets to help them leave happier and more excited about their look.

Kaiti is a spunky, fun loving, energetic and creative stylist. She has been with us since 2009, and we hope she never leaves. Kaiti became a mom in 2016 and she still finds time to make it back to our salon family many days of the week. She loves wearing cowgirl boots, no matter what the weather is like. Most people think she is from Minnesota because of the way she talks (we don’t know why!). She prefers blackrock over Starbucks, loves working out, and Disneyland truly is her happy place (she went 4 time in under 3 years). Schedule with her today, let her help you with your hair, and ask her about any song you hear and she can name the movie scene during which it played.