Salon Lead

Meet Brooke, a true dynamo who spreads professionalism, happiness, positivity, and inspiration throughout our Salon Company. Her passion for hair and makeup was ignited at a young age, when she unleashed her creative flair to turn her high school friends into visions of beauty. With eight years of expertise as a gifted hairstylist, Brooke’s journey has now evolved into her current role as Lake Oswego’s Salon Lead. Her spirit soars among her incredible colleagues, all fueled by shared company values that drive them to be their best. Brooke is dedicated to ensuring that every guest is treated to an exceptional and cherished experience, reflecting her commitment to unrivaled customer service.

Brooke’s committed to making the salon run like a well-oiled machine. She is the behind-the-scenes pit crew, orchestrating the perfect symphony of talent and dedication to ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience for everyone who walks through the salon doors. 

When she’s not making magic happen in the salon, Brooke spends her time exploring new horizons. You can find her immersed in books, unwinding with her loyal and adorable canine companion, or grooving to the rhythm of live music concerts. She believes that life is an ongoing journey, and her biggest motivation is to continuously improve and become the best at everything she does.