Celebrating Gender-Free Haircut Day at the Best Hair Salon in Portland: Spreading Joy and Inclusivity with The Dresscode Project

In a world where personal expression knows no bounds, it’s essential to create safe spaces that embrace individuality. Gender-Free Haircut Day, organized in alliance with The Dresscode Project, proved to be a  heartwarming and inspiring event that celebrated diversity and self-expression. The Dresscode Project is a global alliance of salons and shops committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for queer folks. As alliance members, we, Annastasia Salon, are currently the only hair salon in West Portland who are a part of The Dresscode Project. We are proud to be part of this movement, and our participation in Gender-Free Haircut Day further emphasized our commitment to creating safer spaces for our clients and potential clients.


Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere:

All the volunteers eagerly arrived at the hair salon in Portland around 2:30, ready to make a difference. They wasted no time decorating the salon and its surroundings, setting the stage for an unforgettable event. A vibrant table filled with snacks, tattoos, and information about The Dresscode Project was set up out front, drawing the attention of passersby. Stylists from the best hair salon in Portland took turns cutting hair, while others engaged with parents and visitors, spreading awareness about the organization


Spreading Joy and Happiness:

As the event unfolded, the volunteers experienced a sense of fulfillment and inspiration. The inclusive atmosphere fostered a judgment-free zone, where people of all gender identities could feel comfortable and accepted. Witnessing individuals come together and share their stories, joys, and hair transformations was genuinely heartwarming. The clients’ happiness and newfound confidence after their haircuts were testaments to the positive impact of the event.


Connecting Through Hair:

One of the most cherished aspects of Gender-Free Haircut Day for the volunteers was the opportunity to meet and connect with new people. Each client brought a unique story and perspective, and the volunteers felt privileged to give them rad haircuts that helped them feel more like themselves. Building connections and making clients feel accepted and valued was a highlight of the event, leaving a lasting impact on both parties involved.


Expressions of Gratitude: 

A heartfelt message of gratitude goes out to our salon in Portland for hosting this event in support of the LGBTQ+ community. By providing a safe space for people to be themselves, the salon has demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity. The volunteers extend their thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and energy to make the event enjoyable and meaningful. Their collective effort, alongside the expertise of the best hair salon in Portland, created an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Gender-Free Haircut Day, in partnership with The Dresscode Project, showcased the power of inclusivity and self-expression at the best hair salon in Portland. Through the efforts of dedicated volunteers and the salon’s commitment to providing a safe space, everyone could celebrate their identity and receive killer haircuts. The event left a lasting impact on participants and volunteers alike, reaffirming the importance of fostering an environment that embraces diversity. Looking ahead, there is immense excitement for the growth and future success of this empowering event in Portland.

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