Covid Restrictions Update

On the eve of our Covid restrictions being lifted, I am reflecting on the challenges and heartache we have seen since we were closed in March last year. I do know this: none of us will be the same, as we inch out of this Global Pandemic. Living through this health crisis has changed me personally for the better, but my heart is never far from the tragedy that over 600,000 American families have witnessed and are still witnessing due to the effects of Covid. 

I feel blessed and fortunate that we saw no community spread of the virus through our salons. With over 55 staff and thousands of customers we have been on high alert. We have been diligent in our safety protocols and I am proud of how seriously our team has taken this crisis.

I have spoken with dozens of Portland business owners and no one has been able to tell me that they know what is right. Instead we have to do our best to make decisions that care for our staff, our guests, and our community and be ready to modify those plans as we learn more.    

With the best information available to us, and after many discussions, we have created a plan for reducing restrictions in the salon as the Governor’s mandates are lifted. Our goal is to move in stages giving our team and guests time to adjust to the new normal.

On June 30th we will take down our Masks Required signs and allow our customers to choose if they want to wear them in the salon or not. We will resume our self-service beverage bar for folks to enjoy and we will allow customers to sit in our waiting area without restrictions. We are also eliminating the check-in procedures of temperature checks and Covid questions. Lastly, we will add a few more stations for our team to use because our team has continued to grow through the pandemic and we need room for them. 

It is important to say that we are going to ask our staff to stay masked until at least July 21st. If a guest wants to wear a mask in the salon our staff will wear a mask with them even after July 21st. We also are going to keep our capacity down until at least August 14th.  We want to ease into these things so our guests with concerns can feel it out while our guests with less concerns can have some normalcy when visiting.  

  • In Lake Oswego we have 14 available stations and have been using 9.  We will increase that to 11 on June 30th and hold to add more until August.
  • In Multnomah VIllage we have 24 stations available and have been using 12.  We will increase that number to 16 on June 30th and hold to add more until August.

We hope our wonderful customers can be patient with us as we work to re-establish what normal is in our environment. We are always open to feedback and want nothing more than to take care of as many of our guests as possible. It has been a delight having many come back after being away for a year or more. Thank you for believing in our team and our company. Let us all rise to the occasion and work to care for our neighbor!

Luke Huffstutter,


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