General Manager

Maria Isaac is the kind of manager dreams are made of. With a background in social work and child development, Maria never imagined she would be a general manager and shareholder of a bustling beauty salon but today she’s living her best life. She started at Annas when she was just 18 years old and has been with the company ever since. 

She treasures our clients and has close relationships with many of them. She loves seeing a stylist right out of school become the person they dreamt of on her watch. She’s a kind, efficient, dependable leader with a passion for cheetah print and a warm disposition. It’s people like Maria that make us who we are. We want to care for our community, make you feel welcome and beautiful. All of her actions stem from this root of quality values and genuine humanity. She makes us better. 

In her free time she loves cooking and going on adventures with her dog Pico and growing family. Mexican food and a little Selena make her smile. She’s our Maria.