Mask Update

As of July 24th, Annastasia Salon will honor the newly lifted state-mandated mask restrictions. Your service provider will greet you with a mask on and the two of you can decide what mask protocols will make you the most comfortable during your visit with us. No calls are required before your visit but we are happy to hear any questions or concerns regarding an upcoming appointment. This is a direct result of Governor Brown releasing restrictions on June 30th. We are happy to report that our salon staff has surpassed the 75% vaccination mark. While we celebrate this new transition, we want to take action cautiously, thoughtfully, and with clear communication so that we can enjoy these incremental steps back towards life together. We know the situation could change at any moment and are committed to following any state mandated changes. Your safety and comfort is our number one priority. These are events that none of us have lived through before so we will have to learn how to do this together.

It has been a great source of pride that our Salon, with two locations and over 55 active employees has had such an effective Covid protocol that we have seen zero cases spread to our staff or community. Our precautions have quite simply worked and we are so grateful to our guests who have trusted us. We want to be clear: while we will slowly be changing the mask restrictions in the salon, we will be keeping stringent sanitation protocols, we will stay under capacity, and will continue to filter the air at double the square footage for your wellbeing. 

While service providers will no longer be required to wear masks, all of our staff are on board with a plan that puts guests’ safety first. We have spoken to each employee individually to track our overall vaccination % and we support their right to privacy if they so choose. Everyone will be welcome without judgment. We will not assume the reason why someone has made the decision to be vaccinated or not. That is your private business. Our only concern is how to best support your personal comfort level. Come on in! We are excited to care for you through this next phase and look forward to seeing some faces we miss!

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