Multnomah Days 2023: Honored to be a Part of Our Community

When it comes to discovering the best hair salon in Portland, look no further than Annastasia Salon. Our commitment to excellence and community involvement makes us stand out from the rest. In this blog post, we share the highlights from our recent endeavors, from the annual parade to the highly successful cut-a-thon. Plus, we’ll discuss some valuable feedback from our volunteers on how we can continue to improve our services and outreach. 









A Successful Cut-A-Thon for Annastasia Salon Portland

This year’s cut-a-thon was a smashing hit, with a higher turnout than ever before. We had the joy of offering complimentary haircuts to clients of all ages, from our beloved regulars to newcomers. The best part? We raised over $2000 for Neighborhood House and their emergency food box program, positively impacting our community in the most heartwarming way.

Parade Magic and More!

Our annual participation in the parade is a cherished tradition that we adore. This year, we had the pleasure of creating something special and added an extra layer of vibrancy, the eye-catching tie-dyed t-shirts. 

Celebrating Partnerships and Sparkling Tinsel Fun

Moreover, the icing on the cake was having our fantastic partners from the Summit Salon Academy join us during the cut-a-thon. They enriched the event by offering the shimmer of tinsel hair extensions to the festival goers. Partnering with them allows us to showcase the incredible talents of up-and-coming stylists.

We Believe in Always Improving

As always, Multnomah Days brings us a little bit closer. Double-sided signs for a professional touch, dedicated shampooers (maybe trainees) for efficiency, and a diverse preset playlist for a lively atmosphere were brought up to be implemented for the enhancement of the event that would leave a positive mark on our clients and community. 

Our staff volunteers had some fantastic suggestions, including:

    • Mirror Clings: We’ll start promoting events two months ahead by placing mirror clings at all our locations. This way, our clients can stay informed during their salon visits.
    • Front Desk Donations: To encourage early donations, we’ll make it possible for clients to donate through the front desk two months in advance. This will give them more time to contribute to our charitable initiatives.
    • Food Donation Boxes: We’ll implement food donation boxes at each location to support our community even further.
    • Social Media Buzz: We’ll ensure promotional information is added sooner on Instagram, keeping our followers in the loop about upcoming events.
    • Newsletter Insights: Event details will also be included in our newsletter the month before, ensuring our loyal subscribers are well-informed.
    • Donation Incentives: To incentivize donations, we’ll offer a reward system – for every $10 donated, clients will receive a free mini product, or for every $5 donated, they’ll be entered to win a new hot tool.
  • Parade Flair: We will upgrade our parade presence with New Signs, more candy, and bubbles.

In conclusion, Annastasia Salon Portland is not just a salon; we’re a thread woven into the vibrant tapestry of our beloved Portland community. We’re committed to continually improving our services and deepening our connection with our neighbors. With your unwavering support and invaluable feedback from our incredible volunteers, we’re confident that Annastasia Salon will continue to be the best hair salon in Portland, offering top-notch services and making a positive impact in our community. Thank you for being a part of our journey!


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