Cut & Style – $59

Barber Cut – $49

Roots – $79

Color – $99

Partial Dimension – $109

Full Dimension – $119

Luxury Dimension – $139

Celebrity Dimension – $198

Bridal Hair (in Salon) – $106

Bridal Hair (on Location-5 hours) – $776

Makeup Application Full Face – $56

Erin joined Annastasia Salon in December of 2013 bringing ten years of experience with her. She has owned a salon and traveled the country educating other professionals. She loved the travel and meeting people from all over the world. It was a great learning experience but her roots are in Portland and with her guests. She sold her salon and spent a year looking for the perfect creative environment where her and her guests would feel comfortable and excited about their experience…and she found at Annastasia Salon!

“I am so excited to be a part of this amazing team of talented artists! It really gets your creative juices flowing!” Erin is extremely passionate about this industry and takes advantage of every education opportunity given to her. “Things are always changing, trends, colors, techniques. The minute you stop educating yourself, is the minute you fall behind.” While styling and beautiful color are her favorite looks to play with her biggest passion is the person sitting in her chair. “It’s not always about taking a person out of their comfort zone. It’s about making them feel totally comfortable and beautiful being exactly who they are.” If you are looking for someone who is excited, passionate and totally into giving you a look that you can recreate at home than this is the girl for you!