Stylist Tips for Surviving Quarantine

We’re about two weeks into our salon closure and most of us are really starting to grasp the reality that we’ll be living with some seriously grown-out hair for a while. Whether you’re facing gray roots, bangs in your eyes, or a shapeless haircut, I’m here with some top pro tips to get you through to the other side.

First things first, let’s talk about your gray roots… Your stylist has probably told you that desperately reaching for box color is a big risk that could lead to a color correction down the road. Luckily, many companies make topical root retouch products that will cover your gray without chemically processing your hair. These products come in the form of a spray or marker, as well as a powder form that can be applied with a brush, similar to eyeshadow. The advantage of these products is that you can use them when you need them, like when you have to hop on a conference call or go on your weekly run to the grocery store, but you can leave the coloring to your stylist once these strict social distancing orders are lifted. Wide, chunky headbands and cute hats will also be your friend on days when you’re doing nothing but need a little something to help you to not obsess over your roots. 

Most of you with any type of fringe are used to bang trims every 4-8 weeks, and while most have attempted a DIY at some point, few are successful at maintaining the right shape. If you’ve never successfully trimmed your own bangs before, now is not the time to pull out your kitchen scissors and give it your best shot. Instead, simply pull them back or twist/braid them to the side and secure with one or two bobby pins while you’re going through the tough, in-your-eyes phase of grow-out. If you’ve already endured past that point, try to embrace a side bang or curtain bang look, depending on where you like to part your hair. 

The more outgrown your haircut becomes, the more it will lose its shape. Adding texture to the way you style your hair will help to blend in anything that isn’t looking quite right! Using an air dry cream or sea salt spray will help to activate your natural texture and you can touch up any pieces that didn’t dry quite right with the hot tool of your choice! For an all over styled look, many of our talented stylists have posted flat iron and curling iron tutorials on their instagram pages so you can all practice during this time at home. In addition to having a space to perfect any styling techniques you’ve never quite mastered, now is a great time to let your hair rest and recover. By not chemical processing, using less heat, and doing the occasional deep conditioning masque, you’ll come out of quarantine with your healthiest hair yet and a beautiful canvas for one of our experts to work their magic on upon reopening!

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See you on the other side! – Allie Chino 

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