Box Dye – Let’s Talk!

Let’s talk about box dye– It sure gets a bad rap, but is it really as bad as people say it is? I’m sure thoughts have crossed your mind that at home hair color is only bad-mouthed by hairdressers in an attempt to get you to spend more money at the salon. This just isn’t the case though; we care about the integrity of your hair. Here are the top 3 reasons why box dye is a big mistake, no sugar coating.

The promise of at home hair color is to look the same on all heads of hair, no matter the starting point. The problem with this is the same problem you had with those O/S jeggings back in 2010– one size DEFINITELY doesn’t fit all. The chemists who formulate box colors know that users will have starting points ranging from black to blonde, fine to course, virgin, gray, and everything in between. The only way they can get close to “guaranteeing” a result is by blasting the hair with the harshest chemicals possible. This means that your hair is undergoing a chemical service far more damaging than is necessary. These chemicals blow the outer cuticle of the hair wide open, leaving it frizzy and frazzled and broken. And just like those jeggings that fit you and your size 2 sister differently, the same box could go blonde on one person and brassy orange on another. 

I should also point out what should be a very obvious fact: YOU ARE NOT A HAIR STYLIST!!! As licensed professionals, we consider so many factors when formulating your hair color. We think about whether your hair is virgin or color treated, how much gray you’re covering, how much lighter or darker you want to be than your current color, how damaged your hair is, how coarse it is, and so much more. We use this information to determine whether we will be using color or lightener, permanent or demi, ammoniated or not, and what volume developer. We understand color theory as well as the nature of the chemicals we’re dealing with. Does your head hurt? Don’t worry if it does, you’re not trained to answer these questions. That’s why we ask you to leave hair color to the cosmetologists and we can leave everything more complicated than that to the rocket scientists. 

Make beauty not war,

Allie Chino has got you covered – order now!

(Allie recommends the Tressa or L’Oreal pro root touch up spray!)

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